How Does Pineapple Work In Your Skincare?


How Does Pineapple Work In Your Skincare?

According to Elle Magazine brands like Marc Jacobs, Too Faced and Glow Recipe are all launching pineapple based skincare products, so we’re officially calling it as the new go-to to ingredient to perk up our dull skin.

Pineapple is rich in Vitamins C & E which are the two vitamins you need to pep up your skin when it’s looking a bit dull. They’re known to brighten and even out skin tone whilst being an antioxidant and preventing skin from pollution damage during the day.

Pineapple is an overachiever of an ingredient because on top of all that, it’s also a gentle exfoliator. The enzymes found in pineapple can slough away dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of blackheads, which means it’s ideal for anyone struggling with persistent spots.

Speaking of blemishes, pineapple is also a natural anti-inflammatory so when unwanted spots do appear, the fruit will help reduce redness and swelling. Basically, it’s the answer to all our skincare dreams.

Being a natural exfoliator, pineapple can leave skin on the dryer side of the spectrum so it isn’t particularly ideal for dehydrated complexions. However, if you still wanted to give it a try, you can mix a pineapple-based product with a trusted hyaluronic serum to get the maximum benefits minus the flaky skin.

So as with everything, there is no ‘one size fits all’, rather a bespoke approach to what suits your skin’s particular needs.


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Source: Elle Magazine

By: Charlotte Bitmead

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